A smart HIFI speaker,
A connected light,
Your sound and light bubble !

Customize your light
Enjoy a fine sound bubble
Control it easily, it is smart
Made and thought with nature in mind

Sound and lights at your fingertips

ParaBold SOLO is the first speaker that preserves surrounding people from what you listen while offering an infinite customizable light and lightning effects.

  • Enjoy a clean and well defined sound thanks to a high-end audio treatment
  • Stream you music simply from Bluetooth, Airplay, DLNA and multi-room
  • Adjust light and light effects from your smartphone

Create an intimate space

Let's make a place that is smart and intimate while keeping connection with nature

  • Maximized insulation

    We have pushed the boundaries of acoustic insulation for an open system while preserving a luxurious finish and using natural materials

  • Smart

    You can control the SOLO by voice with your preferred assistant and play in bluetooth, AirPlay, DLNA while adjusting the light to your current mood

  • Sustainable design

    Because we care about nature, Parabold is sourcing natural materials, all parts are easily replaceable and recyclable

  • Luxurious finish

    If a beautiful object means as much as a perfect sound and light, we deliver the ultimate finish with fine materials and hifi electronics

A sneak peak at our early prototype

While we're working on a commercial product, we have proven the concept with a fully functional prototype

For more information

To discover all of our models and the range of possible personalisations, just fill in this short form. We'll get in touch soon and share with you all the visuals and technical information to adapt your Parabold to your taste and constraints.